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Eugene Peterson on Elie Wiesel

Don't hear me comparing going through an affair as being the same as going through the holocaust. 

Yet for many of us the news that our spouse is having or had an affair is the most painful news of betrayal that will ever float into our ears.  Vision is chaotic, thoughts bounce like light in a racquetball court of mirrors,  equilibrium is tossed in a tempest, and a soul of hope is dashed upon jagged rocks.

Yet, life is not extinguished.

Though, in the empty cavern where the heart used to reside, all appears dark. 

But in the that empty cavern, light and life emerge, taking their sweet sweet time, into the nothingness.

Peterson says about Wiesel, a holocaust survivor,

A person can go through the worst, have every shred of faith pulled away from the soul, leaving it bare and shivering in a world where all the evidence gives proof that God is dead, and still become a person of faith, alive to the living God.  I knew that I was in the presence of a person in whom the absence, the emptiness, had, through the years, gradually become a presence--but a presence stripped of illusion and pretension.