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Personal Psalm

My time at the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) conference in Dallas was rich.  I heard many fine talks, sat in some helpful workshops on sexuality, marriage and addictions and caught up with some old friends.  It was a time for sharpening my skills as a counselor as well as have my soul shaken and stirred.  In an all day workshop of experiential learning we each wrote a personal psalm.  Here is my offering. 

There is a weary place in my soul, Papa.
It has a permanent address and receives posts all day long.
The letters pile up unopened, waiting, waiting
For your voice to reverberate this locale with meaning.

For you can know all the words on my heart.
Your words put meaning to my deep ache.
As you speak to this permanent home,
The sun rises, the dove soars, the cool breeze maracas the leaves.
And I dance in the delight in your eyes.