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The Marriage Benefit

Wild at Heart

Thinking intentionally about our gender is an important piece of moving through infidelity.  Beginning to ask 'what does it really mean to have a masculine or feminine soul' challenges our soul in good ways.  The answer has to move beyond roles and tasks.  It has to go to the depth of our beings and how we uniquely reflect the one who made us. 

I recently went to the Wild at Heart Conference led by author/counselor/outdoor guy John Eldredge.  I'll share more about that in another post, but know that it had significant impact on me even though I was familiar with the material.  I attempt to open my heart up to God with all I am (usually there is much kicking and screaming along the way) and he likes me and loves me and shows up and kicks my good ways. 

Ann is sharing at a women's conference this weekend called The Ultimate Makeover.  It's a total chick thing designed to connect with the feminine soul.  I'm starting a Wild at Heart group in the 'Burg.  You can read a little more about it here.IMG00244 That's me with John Eldredge in Fraser, CO.  Great view behind us until they backed the Uhaul in.  :)