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Emotional Affairs with Pastors: Forgiveness is Not a Neat Little Package

The Shack: William P. Young on Affairs

I am especially fond of The Shack.  I devoured it like a delicious piece of homemade carrot cake (my favorite).  This parable by William P. Young deeply moved me as I read about the healing journey of Young's alter ego, Mackenzie Phillips. 

Mack is a man who struggles with shame, guilt and anger with God.  Though the parable mostly takes place over a few days, it is grounded in Young's own brutal, beautiful healing journey. I feel that many going through affairs will connect with the raw emotions portrayed. 

The shack is a metaphor for that box inside our souls where we attempt to contain our shame and our story.  We lock it up and hope no one sees it because we have deemed it unacceptable and ugly.  We pray for God to remove it but how can we remove our story.  It is part of us and can only, or rather can wonderfully, be redeemed.  

As I read The Shack I connected with many of the emotions and pain that emerged as Ann and I lurched through the healing of our affairs.  During one interview he mentioned a blow out in ministry and I sensed an affair was involved. 

Recently, a friend shared with me William P. Young telling his own story at our former church in Denver. Here is a link to his honest, funny, in depth revealing of his heart and soul.  May it enrich the healing and redemption of your story. Listen to William P. Young's Story.