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Viva La Difference, Portland, OR, Jun 1-2, 2007

June 1st and 2nd is fast approaching.  Here is the registration form for Viva la Difference.  Print one off and send it to Teresa at The Well Community Church, a place of grace to take part in this weekend of honoring yourself, your spouse and your creator. 

Ann and I are so excited to be going there and that includes seeing our old friends (they're not too old) Jeff and Joanne Peterson. 

We covet your prayers for the trip.  We'll have a brief layover in Denver.  BenannmilehighAnn's hand doesn't hang out quite as much as it did in this phote from last fall.  I've lost 61 pounds since Christmas.  It's nice not to weigh enough to be on the line for the Broncos! :)

God likes me either way and I'm thrilled about that.  See you near the Rose Garden.