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Casual Sex and Depression
The Harsh Consequences of a Woman's Affair

Happiness Is ...

  • Roadtripping on Thanksgiving Day with the bride of my youth
  • Finding a Starbucks open that day
  • Raising the roof at the top of our lungs to the last verse of The Perfect Country and Western song by David Alan Coe.
  • The soft ice at a place called Cervs in Hays, KS. 
  • Seeing our old neighbors Bill and Sandy in Wa Keeney KS. 
  • Knowing my wife appreciates my spontaneity in deciding 200 yards before the exit to pull off in Wa Keeney, KS
  • Seeing Bill's excitement at his recent (like in still jet-lagged) trip to Zimbabwe to minister to and learn from those who are helping AIDS orphans there.
  • The Starbucks in Colby, KS to have a cold afternoon drink. 
  • Switching my phone at the time line. 
  • Taking the two lane to Franktown with Pikes Peak floating in the sky to guide me.
  • Arriving at Boston Market at 5:45 when they close at 6.
  • Having a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving meal with my kids.
  • Just being with my kids.
  • The Chiefs beating the Broncos!!!!!!!
  • Hopefully closing on our house in Littleton this Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!