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Meet Joe Buck?

The following is a mostly true story.

Through the darkness the lights on the stove shined, 2,5,4.  Almost 3am.  I climbed the 6 steps to the landing and made a right turn.  The wood on the remaining 9 stairs chilled my feet as I strode upward.  The flashing green light on the television lit my 7 paces along the soft carpet.  I climbed into bed.  She was awake too.  I had to be at work at 8.  I needed sleep.  Just 1 time I'd like to slumber through the night. 

An evil thought entered my psyche.  I'll be quick about it I told myself.

My left hand slowly slithered along the top of the covers.  I slid it across her torso and stretched it towards her neck.  My fingers settled on her throat. 

"Swing and a miss," I said.

"Swing and a miss," she echoed. 


Congrats on World Series victory number 10 St. Louis Cardinals.  Even though I saw too many commercials through it all.  :-)