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for men only, Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn

Two of the books I am recommending to couples these days are for women only by Shaunti Feldhahn and for men only by Shaunti and her husband Jeff.  fwo has helped numerous women understand the inner lives of their men.  I feel it has also helped many men put words to thoughts and feelings that bounce around inside, but they didn't know just how to communicate them.  I previewed for women only here and will now do the same with fmo.

fmo is written in Jeff's voice.  It's written to help us guys seek to understand the inner lives of women.  Shaunti gives a caveat to the female readers, "It's hard to do, but if we women will let men have the time to process, we've found that while men may or may not talk about what they learned, they usually start doing it.  So in the days and weeks after your loved one reads any part of this book, keep your eyes open to recognize and affirm what happens."

In my marriage ceremony I have a line urging the groom to continually pursue his bride and 'to explore that greatest of mysteries, the feminine soul.'  The first chapter in fmo deals with this theme and is titled, Rethinking Random; Why you need a new map of the female universe. 

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