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Gender Assassination

I remember hearing the words that in some way we all hate our gender.  I hadn't ever thought of it that way.  It rings true for me.  I also truly enjoy being male. 

I also think that subtly and not so subtly our gender is attacked and we all experience hostility towards it from time to time.  "He's a nice boy; too bad he's going to grow up to be a man."  "Woman are just sooo emotional and irrational." 

Check out this recent post from Cindy about her daughter's registration day for Jr. high.  It pierced my heart as this young woman steps more fully into the hostility towards who she is created to be as a woman and God's daughter. 

In dealing with an affair, it is important to thoroughly reflect on the lies you've come to believe about what it means to be a man or a woman.  What does it truly mean to be male or female and how did the lies impact your actions?