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Cucumbers and Onions

Boulder2_1 How's the move going, Ben?  Glad you asked.  But first, here's our picture just before the Bolder Boulder 10k on Memorial day. 

Things going well with the move:

I like Warrensburg  I like the pace of a smaller college town  I like Java Junction  I like First Baptist Church  I like my co-workers  I like Harold and Linda who are letting me live in their very nice basement I like the folks already in leadership in the Care Ministry  I like having my virtual community of friends group which has been going on for nine years now I don't miss the Denver traffic

Things not going quite so well:

We had a deal on our house in CO but it fell through  So we didn't get the house we were looking at here  I sweat ferociously when it is 72 degrees and 97 percent humidity  I miss my kids  I miss my dog  I miss Ann when she isn't here but I'm glad it hurts  I can't hit a golf ball as far here  Did I mention I miss Ann when she isn't here  Ann's aunt Hat died a couple weeks ago. 

Aunt (she was actually Ann's Grandma's sister but she was quite a bit younger than her) Harriett (Hat) was a fun gal.  She had a stroke a few years ago and has been living in Branson near her son, Rex.  She always had a cigarette and a smile.  I used to visit her from time to time when I was selling mutual funds which was a long time ago.  I enjoyed our friendship and the commissions. 

Hat had lived in St. James just like Ann's grandma.  Ann's grandma doesn't get out much these days as she can't see well and needs a scooter to get around. 

Ann was here this weekend and with Hat's death and the loss of our house sale in CO she was a little down.  On a whim I decided to take Ann on the scenic route to the airport for her flight to Denver. 

This scenic route took a little longer than expected (the kids will tell you that's nothing unusual) but the Missouri countryside was beautiful.  It was green (another thing it has over CO), hilly and there were lots of sheep, cows, goats etc.  We finally pulled into a small family run cafe in our old town of Smithville. 

The prices were nice and on the menu was some good comfort food.  I had chicken fried steak, gravy, fries and corn.  Ann had chicken fried chicken, fries and cucumbers and onions.  Cucumbers and onions?  I'd never heard of such a thing I mentioned to my wife.  Refrigerator pickles some called them.

She said her Grandma always made sure she had some for her when she was a little girl.  That was back in St. James where Grandma lived across town from Aunt Hat. The cucumbers and onions were sweet since they were soaked in sugar and a little vinegar.   They were an especially sweet surprise today.