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Lying about Money

Hiding_money MSN has an article out about spouses who lie about money or aptly named, financial infidelity.  Any lie causes space between a couple.  While lying may avoid a passionate discussion in the short run it short circuits our desire to know and be known leaving emptiness inside. 

The writer came to the following conclusions about the damage of not having an open vault door policy on money issues,

  1. Lies erode trust, compromise the teller's integrity -- and can make the person who's lied to feel really, really bad.
  2. Lies may signal significant problems in the relationship.
  3. Lies can prevent couples from getting on the same page.
  4. Little lies tend to lead to bigger ones.

The moral of the story is, in the long run the truth brings couples closer together and lies become a barrier to closeness.  Read the full article, Financial Infidelity is Rampant