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Golf, BolderBoulder and Katie Hertzig

I have been having a good break lately.  I traveled to Missouri and spent time with my mom, dad, two older brothers and wife and kids.  Truthfully, a lot of time was spent on the golf course with my dad, son and/or brothers.  I played nine rounds of golf in eight days.  The highlights were playing with my dad and son in a three-man scramble even though we didn't cash anything.  Behind that was playing the great Nicklaus course at Lake of the Ozarks called Porto Cima.  We played 36 in one day down there though my back only wanted to go 27. :)

Yesterday, Ann and I walked the BolderBoulder 10K.  We finished in 94 minutes and change.  We saw Elvis, belly dancers, Jake and Elwood singing Soul Man (they were on a mission from God ya know), lots of other bands and many, many interesting characters.  There was also a Memorial Day celebration in the CU Stadium, Folsom Field.  Six men parachuted onto the field.  They represented the five branches of service and the United States.  Each had their flag flowing behind as they sailed into the stadium.  We sang God Bless the USA and The Star Bangled Banner just before four F-18's soared over the field a couple times.  There was also a twenty-one gun salute to honor our fallen soldiers.  It really was moving and energizing.  I don't think anyone would claim Bolder as the patriotic hot spot of the US and that made it a little more special.

I am starting a few posts highlighting others.  I am going to do a post of Brian McClaren's new book, The Secret Message of Jesus followed by several posts on Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn's release, For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

BUT FIRST, here is a plug for a wonderful singer/song writer, Katie Herzig.  Katie's music has been described as 'hauntingly beautiful' and I agree.  She has a poet's heart which emanates from her lyrics.  She touches the deep texture of life's highs and lows, sorrows and joys through her songs.  Her voice is described as 'deeply enchanting'.  Feminine softness comingled with courage to enter the pain and beauty of life.  She can sooth your soul and/or invite you into the deeper questions of living.  It's not surprising that one of her influences is Shawn Colvin. 

Weightless is Katie's latest Cd and you can buy it here.   You'll be blessed.  Click on 'music' at her site to sample a few songs before you buy.  But really you can take my word it's great.  Really.  It's good.  Goooooood.