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The Tax Tornado
Caruthersville, The Kwik Chek--RIP

The Caruthersville Tornado

Cvilletornado My last post was The Tax Tornado and this one is The Caruthersville Tornado.  This one is much more serious.  The picture was in the Daily Dunklin Democrat.  The tornado was actually three that joined into one large one. 

Caruthersville is where my bride, Ann, went to high school.  She was an all district basketball player for the Tigers.  It's also where we met a little over twenty-five years ago. 

A friend and I pulled into the Kwik Chek (a local convenience store) located right next to the landmark of Knox's Drive In.  A beautiful young woman in a purple cowl necked sweater glided out the door and I asked her directions to a friend's house in town.  My first words to her were, "Hey, girl!" Amazingly, she's still my honey today. 

But the Kwik Chek and Knox's are both gone.  The tornado went straight through town taking down houses, stores and schools.  It crossed the Mississippi River and took it's bad self into Tennessee.  You can see some videos of the storm and reports from Cape Girardeau station KFVS.  The videos include a camera perched outside Caruthersville High School that caught the storm coming in. 

Ann and I are both sad the Kwik Check is gone.  We love to tell the story of how we met.  Everyone in Caruthersville will miss Knox's.  Prayers and blessings to the town as it rebuilds. 

**Here are some more pictures from the Blytheville (the th is silent when you say it) Courier News.