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There's More I Like About You

Well dear I realized all those pictures weren't exactly like you look all the time.  Of course before you were six you wouldn't wear anything but dresses.  That really isn't the case now. 

Inquiring minds want to know who you are on your own time.   I promise I won't show you wearing Target red.  What does this former AP Scholar and National Merit darling really do with her time.  Christmas

I do like the Christmas picture. 

I'm not sure who drew the sketch but it captures you.  Untitled

And you might shoot me for having this next one in there but I don't think you really own any guns.                                      Amys_wedding_119

Johnny! Johnny!  Bad dog!  Get out of there!

Johnnie Gotta go.  The dog is freakin' out. 

And don't worry, I won't tell them you still like to play at the little kids park every day.