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2006 Restoring The Glory

Ann and I will once again be sharing our story at the Restoring The Glory conference.  Our workshop will be help Saturday, April 29th.  We invite you to come and join us. 

Restoring The Glory is a conference organized by Janelle Hallman and her organization, Desert Hope Janelle_1 Ministries.  Janelle is a friend who has a heart for the relational and sexual struggler.  Janelle is an ordained minister and speaks for many national Christian organizations.  Her passion is to share God's Word in a way that speaks to the deepest needs of the human heart. 

Because of the poweful nature of the subjects addressed and the full schedule, this conference can be an intense and emotional experience.   

The conference is designed for,

  • Single and married men and women who want a renewed vision of the mystery and glory of God's design for love, intimacy, and sexual wholeness. 
  • Those who struggle with the devastating effects of relational and sexual brokenness.
  • Those called to offer help and support to youth and adults struggling with identity, relational, and sexual issues.   

In addition to our workshop on recovering from infidelity, others will be held on pornography, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, homosexuality, healing shame, other restoration issues in marriage and more. 

In 2006, Restoring The Glory is being held April 27-29 at Church in the CityChurch in the City is located just East of downtown Denver.  It is an innovative, multicultural congregation that embraces the downtrodden of Denver making it a perfect setting for this conference and the downtrodden hearts and souls of the sexual/relational struggler.

The cost for the conference is $95 for early registration before March 27, 2006.  It is $115 after that.  For undergraduate and graduate students there is a special rate of $50 (includes a dozen packages of Ramen Noodles...just kidding). All registrations include a boxed lunch on Friday and Saturday.  Thursday night is always free to attend and includes the raw, personal, heartfelt testimony of a special guest. 

For more information go to Restoring The Glory, or call Jill Harris at Desert Hope Ministries, 303.277.8358.