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My Chemical Romance Rocks Video Music Awards

This is a new kind of post.  I am interacting with my 20 year old music aficionado daughter. 

Steph: So Dad, I just made you sit through the VMA's on MTV.  Any thoughts, or are you still processing it all?

Ben:  R.Kelly, call me, dude.  I can help you.  There really is redemption for all your sexual issues.

Steph: And there are definitely a lot.

Ben: Amen to that.  How about Diddy wearing that God is the Greatest t-shirt at the end?  He was pretty fun at times tonight.  Who were your favorites, Steph?

My_chemical_romance Steph: Yeah, I don't know about Diddy's shirt... Wasn't he making jokes earlier about all the cursing on his records?  I'm disappointed in the state of the music industry, since My Chemical Romance didn't win any of their categories, and Relient K and Switchfoot weren't even nominated for anything!

Ben:  Kelly sure rocked on Since You've Been Gone.  Had to be hard to sing in an indoor rainstorm.  Who were those guys on the opening that I liked?

Steph: She's sure come a long way since American Idol.  Fall Out Boy were in the opening!  They are great, and coming to Denver soon. 

Ben:  Tell 'em what you called Jessica Simpson's outfit.

Steph:  She looked like a St. Pauli Girl stripper.  :)  What do you think about all the controversy over her video?

Ben:  I imagine she'll call you judgmental now.  Is it judgmental to let somebody know they have bad taste?  The first I really heard about the controversy was tonight from you.  I'm busted as uncool I guess.  Especially since I have to ask you all the names of the bands I liked.  When I first started watching MTV we had those cable boxes with the buttons and the little toggle on the left for the top of the buttons and the bottom channels on them.  The Killers were good too. 

Killers Steph:  Ironically, your cable box would probably be cool now.  Retro is back, ya know.  I guess it's politically incorrect these days to call anybody on anything, except for a fashion faux pas, then you can get a 10-page article in People.  You're right about the Killers, though; if my Killers CD was a tape, it would be worn out by now.

Ben:  I liked Kanye and Jamie Foxx too.  They were fun.  That's cool your boy in My Chemical Romance honored his Grandma in his song.  I missed that since they had that upbeat punk thing going at the funeral. 

Steph: Yeah, I really thought MCR deserved to win, but sadly it was not to be.  Their whole CD is great, and all of the videos they've put out have been fantastic.

Green_day Ben:  I agree their video was awesome.  Green Day is good but I thought their video was pretty pedestrian.  Ha Ha.  On The Boulevard,..pedestrian get it?

Steph: Ha ha, very funny.  I guess they did just make the best CD of their career, so I can kind of excuse the win.  I wish they had won for Wake Me Up When September Ends; that's the best video to come off of that CD so far, and it honors the soldiers in Iraq.  Very cool.

Ben:  Cool.  It was fun to enter your world tonight.  Lots of really great music.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Hammer was outstanding.  He's a guy from my era.  I was a little disappointed that Usher didn't dance.  He's got more moves than Dante Hall on a Kramer buzz.  Ooh Steph I mixed three genres, sports, sitcom and music for a metaphor.  Is that legal?

Steph:  It's legal, Dad, but it's dangerous.  Thanks for hangin out.  We should do this more often.