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Did I Say That?

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston

Well how does one react to folks in a love triangle that boost ones page views by almost triple.  The recent talks on NBC's today show, and stories on MSNBC and other outlets on emotional infidelity brought a swarm of searches on emotional infidelity and affairs.  Brad and Angelina had an emotional affair that truly took the heart of Jennifer's husband (Brad) and placed it on a woman where it didn't belong.  Normally I get about 4000 views a week and this week I had 11000. 

You can watch a video of Katie Couric interviewing Leslie Bennetts of Vanity Fair.  Bennetts interviewed Jennifer Aniston recently which will be out in the September issue. Here is the Vanity Fair press release on the interview.

As an aside Brad Pitt attended Missouri when I did.  He was on a fund raising calendar with one of my better looking golf buddies.  He doesn't seem to be a man of much substance at this point.  Hopefully, that will change for him. 

So I'm grateful for all of the hits but sad for Aniston especially but really for all three because ultimately this is just going to bring heartache for all. 

Here is a link to a column from Dr. Gail Saltz on MSNBC as she responds to a woman in an affair.  It's good stuff.