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I found a great piece this morning at Relevant Magazine.  The piece is the featured article in their latest edition.  It is called Longevity and was written by Jars of Clay lead singer, Dan Haseltine (thanks to Christian Music Planet for the link to Dan and the picture below).  Click here to buy their CD, Songs of Redemption.  We used one of the songs, Nothing But the Blood with The Blind Boys of Alabama this summer at our Marriages Restored Weekend.  The piece is part commentary on marriage today and part celebration of his grandparent's 60th anniversary.  Here is an excerpt from Longevity,Article_title_image_danhaseltine

Look at the marriage of Jesus, the one He has been in for eternity, the one with the bride who sleeps around, never listens, disowns, scorns, dishonors, runs away, intentionally proves to be more interested in anything but her husband, is selfish and bears the children of every affair and the scent of every escapade. It was a marriage that killed Jesus. And it was the Gospel that brought Him back to life to love once more. Jesus endures the worst marriage of all. His bride nails Him to a cross, and there are no metaphors to compare His suffering to what we think we endure.

There are times when I internally gritch about my life.  I think if this were different or that were changed then I'd be really happy.  Truth is I am a spoiled man in a spoiled society.  Certainly my heart was shattered and rebuilt with regards to Ann's betrayal.  Even so, I didn't have to ever endure what Christ deals with on a daily basis from his bride.  He continues in his union.  Dan helped to remind me how truly blessed I am to be married and to have been married to Ann every step of the way.