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A Hopeful Comment

I received this comment recently on another post.  Maybe today is a tough day and you just need a thread of hope to hang onto.  Here you go.

I just wanted to say Thank You for being so open and honest about the trials and tribulations involved in healing a damaged marriage/heart/soul.  I am in the midst of the same situation with my husband, my mind/heart and soul are in torment.  The anger/hurt/resentment/disillusionment seems to constantly battle my love/faith/trust/respect for my husband.  Luckily, for the first time in our marriage, we realized how important it is  to be able to openly and honestly speak to each other of what is in our heart and mind.  I too, realize that I am certainly not guilt-free even tho he is the one who had the affair.  Somehow I let slide that which meant the most to both of us, the caring, touching, communication and companionship we always had.  Not only did I let it slide, I deliberately ignored it, I am guilty of not showing him that I did indeed love and need him in my life.  Thru this, and not communicating with each other, we just let everything go by, as, like you, we don't like conflict.   I know it will be a long slow road, but I truly believe with God's help, we will make it through this.

You have helped me tremendously in dealing with my rollercoastering emotions.  To realize that the "pregnant pain" is a natural part of the healing process. 

Again thank you for your honest, painful, beautiful story of real life and real love.  Forgiveness is indeed divine.  I hope the person who wrote that ugly email will learn this also.  To cut and run is definitely the coward's way out.  To stay, face the pain, rebuild and grow yourselves with God's help is the best way.