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The Book Baton

Bowden tagged me for this book list.  Here are my responses and my five tags. 

Total number of books owned.      Let's see?  I have a large bookcase and two small ones full downstairs and we each have books at work.  Hmmm, I think that makes around 500 or so though no doubt I haven't read all of them.  We are having a garage sale next weekend and it would be great to get rid of at least some of them.  If I had a little more initiative I'd become a used bookseller on Amazon. 

Last Book I Bought.    I bought two of them.  The first is a little book about change that has made the rounds in corporate America called, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson (sorry, I don't have time to do the links on all of these right now).  I liked the book.  It also showed me where I've been a bit of a whiner at times. 

The second comes recommended by our worship pastor called Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland.  I am an INFP so there are a lot of ideas swimming around in my soul only there is a lot of fear that blocks me from bringing them out.  I am hoping this book helps me to walk through that fear.

The Last Book I read.     Who Moved My Cheese.  It is a short read so I recommend it to anyone.  It is a simple story.  Spiritually, I believe an argument can be made that our security and comfort become idols. This makes it difficult to accept and embrace change in our lives.  Also, the concept that God might have something good in store for us in this change doesn't enter our minds in our idolatry.  This book helps one embrace the adventure in change. 

I am also currently reading The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky.  I am currently on page 298 out of 880.  This is a theologically rich and dense book.  I am enjoying the read. 

Five Books That Mean A Lot to Me.     Without a doubt the book that changed my life the most is Inside Out by Larry Crabb.  When I first became a believer I wasn't corrupted by the expectations of church.  I felt tremendous freedom.  As I immersed myself at church all of a sudden those felt compulsions to 'fit in' returned.  I wondered why wasn't I happy and smiling like everybody else.  I faked it sometimes.  This book helped me to realize that most of them were faking it too.  Sorrow isn't a sin and can live side by side and in fact is also a pathway to joy.  Larry helped me to know that I wasn't crazy because I wasn't super happy all of the time.  This book impacted me so much that I sold my couch, my home, gave away my dog (that was hard) and loaded up the truck and moved to Bev, er, Denver to get my masters in counseling under Larry and here we are. 

Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.  In real life Brennan Manning is a total mess.  Because of this he understands, experiences and communicates grace like few can.  I am more in touch with God's love because of this book and Abba's Child. 

Broken Image by LeeAnn Payne.  I had no idea what homosexual struggle was about and that there was hope for one who struggled with that to leave that lifestyle and experience healing before reading this.  As an aside, just to show the stigma, I thought while typing the previous sentence that I certainly might need to clarify that it isn't my struggle.  Whatever!  Same sex attraction isn't any worse than any other sexual struggle.  My battles with pornogrophy and emotional affairs are still a flight from real relationship with others and with God.  We need to level the playing field in this area.      

Torn Asunder by Dave Carder.  This was the map for Ann and I as we recovered from her affair.  We didn't have to reinvent the wheel.  Others had been down this path before, survived and grown and we did too. 

Wounded Heart by Dan Allender.  This was my first read on sexual abuse.  I was both drawn to and repulsed by his stories.  This has turned to compassion for so many who experience this in their lifetime.  Yesterday, I was part of a community response panel.  Six of us listened to a twenty year old abuser tell his story of molesting little neighbor girls and his little sister.  We each had the opportunity to ask questions and to put forth our thoughts whether we feel this individual has experienced significant change and whether he understands the impact of his actions on those girls and their loved ones.  It was an honor to be there and be part of a redemptive process in the midst of so much sin and pain.  Allender helped me to walk into that world. 

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