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Busy Good Times

Wow, it has been a month.  A good one but jam packed.  BTW I love strawberry preserves. :)  I've had a son graduate and we took a family trip to the mountains for a few days.  The next weekend I performed a wedding in town.  The weekend after that we drove 1000 miles roundtrip to eastern Nebraska for my nieces wedding.  The following weekend Ann and I went 400 miles round trip to perform a wedding in beautiful Rifle Falls Park.  We hiked up to Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs on the way back. 

This past week I volunteered sixteen hours at the U.S. Women's Open at Cherry Hills Country Club here in town.  I drove people around in a fifteen passenger van or in brand new Lexus Suvs, either a 330 or 470.  Yesterday I drove players from the car drop to the Airport.  I had the pleasure of driving 17 year old, Morgan Pressel and her grandparents.  She was outstanding in the tournament, finishing second.  I also drove veteran, Beth Daniel who was very kind and appreciative of all the volunteer efforts.

Saturday was the busiest day of all.  I woke at 0400 to arrive at the Marriot at 0500.  From 0500-1000 I drove USGA officials and players friends and family to the course and the airport.  I arrived at the Arabian Horse Center (beautiful building) at 1315 for the first of two weddings I was officiating for the day.  Following that wedding Ann and I ate a midafternoon snack and watched a bit of the 3rd round on TV.   We arrived at Sloans Lake at 1700 to mill around until the second wedding started at 1800.  It was another beautiful setting looking over the lake to the Rocky Mountains.  We went to the small sitdown dinner following and ate great Italian food and enjoyed good conversation.  We returned home at 2200. 

I don't think I realized how exhausted I was.  The next day we had church from 0800-1300.  Following that was a picnic to honor three of our Stephen Ministers who are moving (2 to Maine and 1 to Washington state).  We arrived home at 1730 or so.  I sat down to watch, To End All Wars.  It is a great movie about the human condition in the midst of a POW camp during WWII.  I will post on it soon. 

The reason I say didn't realize how exhausted I was came soon.  About 45 minutes into the movie Stephi called from Home Depot to ask me to bring her Jeep Cherokee so that she and Ann could bring home some shelving they bought that didn't fit into the car.  They had gone to only by paint for her room.

You'd have thought they asked me to drive California or something.  Leave home I thought.  Leave home!  I don't want to get out of the house 1 more time for anything!  I went.  As put out as I was feeling I tryed to focus and not make a total butt out of myself.  I failed.  I pulled into the parking lot and parked behind our car.  Where's our keys I grunted.  Ann had left a soda on the trunk and I grabbed it and through it into the Jeep.  The lid at least was on.  I grabbed her purse and tossed it into the Jeep.  Uh, there was no lid and several of the contents spilled out.  Ann yelled, Beeeennnnn?!  I weakly apologized and drove off. 

I apologized later again and then we talked through what it was like for Ann and Stephi yesterday.  I don't like blowing it like that with my family but they extended a heaping of mercy for which I am grateful.  And they painted Stephi's room a light blue, added shelves of white, blue and lime green and it really looks fantastic.  They were very proud of their work and rightly so.