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Live Post from Marriages Restored Weekend
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A Good Tired

Mr_blake  The Marriages Restored Weekend was wonderful.  Eight couples invested their time and hearts to sift through difficult issues and connect in significant ways.  The picture to the left is us with George and Connie Blake.  Saturday morning they shared their testimony of divorcing each other at a young age and then remarrying four years later.  They have been wonderful mentors and friends to us. 

Mr_lay_cowling_1 Keith and Karen Cowling (in the middle) shared the many struggles they have gone through in marriage and how working through those trying times has strengthened their bond.  Don and Myko Lay (on your left) shared about the impact Don's battle with cancer is having on them.  Their reality of preparing for the long term future yet also considering life without Don in the near future was especially powerful.  Thanks to all my buds who took the time to offer their hearts. 

We received positive comments from all couples.  I applaud each one for having the courage to show up and talk through the painful areas of their relationship.  One change we'll make next time is to have couples do some pre-conference reading.  With this shift Ann and I can just hit the highlights of the topics we want to cover leaving each couple more time to interact with one another and the opportunity to go even deeper into their conversations.