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Your Don Lay Update

Saddle Up Your Prayer Horse for Don Lay

I haven't posted on Don Lay in a while.  He went on a new regimen of chemo, not quite so intense.  If you haven't read anything about Don go here.    Don is a good man in a battle with a nasty strain of cancer.  Myko is his lovely wife and Mattison and McKenna are his beautiful daughters.  Lay_family

His sister Karen, who with her husband Keith are co-laborers in the marriage ministry at our church, sent me this update today. 

There have been some subtle indicators regarding Don's health status. One, he states more often now that he is "tired" and he also looks very tired to me.  Two, he told me that he has been feeling pain in his lower rib cage area.  Three, his Dr.'s seem to be skeptical that this current treatment has been successful.  They keep saying they think his voice is hoarse and have stated that his trachea looks deviated on the chest x-ray he's had for his pick line each time he's gone into the hospital for the past three months. I will go with Don and Myko on Monday morning for their 9:30am appt to get the results of Pet, CT, and MRI scans done this past Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I try to "wait patiently on the Lord, being brave and courageous, waiting patiently for him" as the KLOVE verse of the day stated in Psalm 27:14

Please spend some time in heartfelt prayer beseeching our Father to heal Don and to comfort his family in the process.  Pray for us all to know God more deeply through Don's life and his courage.