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Your Don Lay Update

I received this update from Don's sister Karen which includes a message from Don's wife, Myko and a great picture of the family in Hawaii. 


First, thanks to everyone for always keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  As I have mentioned before, it is always so nice to get a caring voice message or card in the mail just letting us know that we aren’t fighting this alone.

This message has been slow coming since we have been waiting to see if the latest treatment plan was working.  This plan has been very tolerable for Don.  He has adjusted to the daily injections and has really been feeling great!!  Don did scans last week and we met with the doctors this morning only to learn that the past 3 month of treatments have not been working and the tumors have grown about 20%. 

As hard as this was to hear, his doctors were already working on the next possible steps.  They have found two trial studies that are just getting started.  Trial studies use drugs that have been approved safe but are still being tested in regards to effectiveness.  Many people see wonderful results, others don’t and move on to the next treatment.  One of the studies uses a biochemo drug, Cisplatin, which Don has already been subjected to.  The other study uses a new drug (Paclitaxel) which has been successfully used to fight other cancers such as breast cancer.  The doctors are focusing on the second study since it would use a drug that Don’s body has not seen.  Both studies have similar side effects such as hair loss and neuropathy.  We are still dealing with neuropathy side effects from the biochemo treatments, so this side effect is a little more concerning than the hair loss…Don looks pretty tough on his Harley with a bald head! 

Another issue with the Paclitaxel trial study is they usually exclude patients that have had brain tumors; however, with a quick call to the study director our doctor got them to allow Don in as long as he can provide a clean MRI prior to the start of the treatments.  Don’s last MRI was in February – which showed no activity so he will have another scan done next week.  If all is clear we will start after a 28 day cleansing from his last treatment plan – Mid-May.  From here we will scan every 2 months and once again hope that this plan will shrink the tumors.

We are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary of our fight (6/4/04)! We thank all of you for all of your love and support over this past year.  Don has a lot of family and friends fighting for him and he has a lot of family and friends to keep fighting for!!

Take care – Myko

From Karen---I would like to add also that if Don does make it into this clinical trial, he will be place into one of two groups...a placebo group or a treatment group.  If he is placed in the placebo group, after two months of treatment, he will be rescanned and if his cancer has continued to progress, they will put him in the treatment group at that time.  Of course, we need prayer that he will have a clean brain scan (MRI) in order to get into the study and that he will be placed into the treatment group up front.  As always we covet your prayers and they are much needed. 

The following verse seemed especially appropriate to the news we have received: 

Hebrews 10:36  Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God's will. Then you will receive all that He has promised.

God Bless,