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A Couple of Thoughts

I am going to blog sporadically the next couple of weeks.  I just want to focus on my wife, daughter and son.  We may not have too many more Christmas celebrations just the four of us and I desire to enjoy this one. 

Anne LaMott said this about losing her friend Pammy to breast cancer but I think it really applies to those of you stopping by who are dealing with infidelity and who are wondering if the struggle and pain of restoring the relationship are worth it. 

Lamott said, "I felt very lonely.  I thought maybe I wouldn't feel so bad if I didn't have such big pieces of Pammy still inside me, but then I thought, I want those pieces in me for the rest of my life, whatever it costs me. 

You already have big pieces of your spouse inside of you.  As painful as it may be I encourage you to add more because, simply, you still have the chance to.