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Catching Up
Election Hangover

Good Morning

We got 5 inches of snow last night! It is gorgeous but our digital camera is broke so I can't show it to you. Here is a picture of a ram by Estes Park so you get the flavor. I borrowed it from

I was driving home the other day and remembered the words from Rich Mullins that he heard from a professor at Friends University in Wichita. His professor said, "God spoke through Balam's donkey several thousand years ago and he's been speaking through asses ever since." So naturally my thoughts turned to our presidential election. :) I had the realization that if you combine the commercials from both sides one hears the truth. The truth is no matter who wins the election we are screwed...We all are still in need of a savior.

I am taking the day off from blogging tomorrow since it is my birthday. I heard from others around the blogosphere celebrating too. First off is Rodney, whose wife celebrated her birthday on Australia's election day a month ago, Jared is celebrating his today, Joyella has hers tomorrow too, Kris has hers on the third, Ang celebrated last week.
If you feel like it visit these folks, wish them a happy birthday, and toast 'em with a gooood latte'.
Anybody else having a birthday?