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Sacred Wound

Wrestling With God

I just finished reading Rick Diamond's, Wrestling With God. In Missourah we'd pronounce that Wrastlin'. This is published by
I came across a passage that really ties in with yesterday's post.
He had this to say,

Be honest with what you are feeling, but don't demand anything from God just because you are in pain. You don't want a quick answer to this; you want the real answer. The thing you are wanting isn't in whether your circumstances are going nicely. So ordering God to fix it for us is like a toddler telling mom to hand over the toy the toddler is already holding. Peace is already here. It's already possible. But we have to learn and be still. And that's what sucks. You're in pain and you don't want to be still; you want to move. But the healing is in being exactly where you are.