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Battling Sexual Addiction

Shadowy Addiction

On 20/20 last night they had a piece on cyberporn called Shadowy Addiction: Cyberporn is having damaging effects on users who can't stop clicking. They delved into the damage it is doing to men's souls and the souls of women who love them. They talked to men and women whose marriages had survived. One man took his computer out of his house to elimimate temptation. Other men didn't want to change and essentially chose pornography over marriage.
The report also focused on younger men, college age, high school and even younger. These men are getting caught up in porn at the expense of any relationship with real women. It really is wreaking havoc on their souls as they are incapable of relating with a flesh and blood woman. One young man also made the decision to remove his computer from his home.
I have one major criticism of the report. They kept showing porn over and over during the twenty minutes. I am not sure the necessity for this other than increased ratings. They would pixelate it like Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction', but it was much more explicit. I felt uncomfortable with the amount they had on screeen. Ann put words to it too. There was a mixed message to me of flaunting the porn sites while touching on the damage they can do.
I debated whether to link to it, but I read the written version and it has some merit. I encourage you to avoid watching the piece, but to check out the link. I have deleted it off my DVR.