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Battling Sexual Addiction

“I was always completely attracted to (my wife),” says Laaser. “There was just something so much deeper in me that cannot be satisfied by sex.”---Mark Laaser
“The sexual part was pleasurable and it was a nice byproduct for me, but that wasn't the most important thing,” says Ferree. “I was trying to get non-sexual needs met sexually and that was the only way I knew how to meet those needs.”---Marnee Ferree
So is sex addiction really about the sex? “No,” says Carnes, “but that's the mistake people often make. It's really about pain … or escaping or anxiety reduction. It's a solution.”---Patrick Carnes
Dateline NBC produced an excellent report a while back on Battling Sexual Addiction. I have excerpted three quotes from it above. If you have any questions about pornography or sexual addiction I encourage you to check it out. If you are struggling with sexual issues follow the links here or in the article to get some help. It is a tough battle, but there are many out there who have been through it and are willing to share their experience to help you.