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Henri Nouwen and Brennan Manning

Comments About Marriages Restored

Several folks have mentioned us or linked to us lately. Almost all have been very kind with their comments. Marla at Proverbial Wife blessed us deeply with these kind words, "You and your wife's vulnerability in sharing your story is like a rare jewel in the vast storehouse of Christian trinkets that should be filled with treasures. I am absorbing all you have so poignantly articulated so that I can be aware of the snares that I might otherwise think I'm immune to." Marla is a terrific writer. I enjoy her posts. Julie mentioned that our blog makes her think. I consider that a high compliment if one reads a post of ours and pauses to consider his or her own heart and life. Julie is also taking the risk of putting her life out in vulnerable fashion. She has guts and makes me laugh too. Bob, who has been sweating it out over whether Coach K might go to the Lakers, in his blog Totem to Temple said we were honest, messy, straightforward and deep. I like that. He also likes golf which is a plus for him. He linked to one of my favorite posts, Did Jesus Come Just to Kick Your Ass? David at Jollyblogger said about our blog, "This thing is terrific." He referred to us in his post, GK Chesterton as Marriage Counselor. That's a great title itself. He has strong beliefs and is also open to dialogue which is wonderful. He mentioned he didn't approve of some of the folks that I like to read such as Brennan Manning and Henri Nouwen. I'll respond to why I like these guys in my next post. Thank you all for your kind words. I appreciate them greatly and desire to drink them into a deep reservoir to have available when the arid, accusing evil one attacks with accusations, doubts, and lies.