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Sangre de Christos

sangredechristoI had a good break from blogging. I went to southern Colorado and played in a golf tournament with my dad. I was born in Trinidad, Colorado when JFK was president. When Ann and I speak and I share that I was born there, I always add that I was born a male. That usually gets a chuckle because some people are aware that Trinidad is one of the sex change capitals in the world. I found out while I was there that the doctor who performed them is up in years and isn't doing any right now.

I also found out another interesting fact. When I was five I had my tonsils taken out. That isn't the interesting part. I remember Gary Beban played for UCLA and Mike Garrett played for USC and they were having a big football showdown. Funny how our brains connect differenct aspects of our lives. The interesting part was that the man who did the sex changes all of these years is the man who took my tonsils out when I was a little boy. That's all he did...honest...really.

The impacting truth to me though involves the picture with this post. These mountains sit about 30 miles to the west of Trinidad. The Sangre de Christos. They rise above Trinidad in splendor and beauty and power. They bring mercy to a heinous operation that defiles God's design. And yet the people who have had this operation feel deeply. They need love and care like us all. Some eventually realize they made a mistake. Sy Rogers mentioned in a talk recently that he knew of 10 or so such folks. As they turned their lives over to Christ they've ministered powerfully to others. After all, Sy pointed out, a eunuch was the first one to take the gospel to Africa.

So the Sangre de Christos cover Trinidad, one of the sex change capitals of the world. If your spanish is a little rusty Sangre de Christos means Blood of Christ. His blood covers even this. His grace and mercy and sacrifice cover all.