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The Happy Husband

Curt has a funny and interesting post over at The Happy Husband. It hit home for me because Ann and I were sexual soon in our relationship. I naively thought that once we were married none of that would really have any impact on us. Wrong! In the aftermath of our affairs, Ann and I had to rebuild our physical relationship from the beginning. We had to put sex in its proper place rather than using it to connect when we didn't know how to emotionally or spiritually. We confessed and grieved and sorrowed and forgave. It was a long painful process, but worth it to redeem our sexual relationship. We continue to learn and build more closeness in this area. Curt had this to say: Most couples start off with sex before they bond emotionally and spiritually, and they're bored with it by the time their relationship has developed to the point that sex would really mean something. That's why you hear so many jokes about married people having very little sex. But marriage isn't supposed to be the end of sex—it's supposed to be the beginning. Thanks Mr. Happy for your wise words.