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My Emotional Affair, Final Chapter

Steps to a Better Place

JCStepswhite_fence_farm Ann and I had the pleasure of enjoying a fine meal, some funny humor,is that redundant funny humor, it surely is now because I said it twice :) We also enjoyed the energetic teaching and drama of Chuck and Jan Fallon. The event was held at White Fence Farm in the Denver area. We had some goooooood grub.

Chuck and Jan shared on The Value of Marriage. It is so easy to focus on the negative and lose site of the positive in our relationships. In my words often times we get more focused on the crucifixion aspects of marriage and lose sight of the resurrection experiences and the wonder of who God made our spouse to be. Chuck made three main points 1) Cost w/o value is too expensive. Is the pain worth it? 2) Conflict w/o meaning is too painful. Does our conflict move us through our problems and closer together? 3) Construction w/o plans is futile. Do we daily work on our relationship in an intentional manner? It was a great evening out with my bride. It had the feel of a small dinner theater. I hope you check them out some time.