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Through a Glass, Darkly

A friend sent this to me recently. You may be in tremendous pain right now. This is to remind you that we don't see everything that is going on. May this give you the courage to simply take the next step in the day.

Through a Glass, Darkly
Betsy Childs

I remember sitting against the hard-backed pews of an old Chicago church one warm Sunday morning in May. My mind wandered from the sermon as my gaze rose to the pale stained glass windows high above me. Behind a green pane of glass I could see the silhouette of a bird land on the window ledge. It had a short beak and a very round head, but that was all I could tell from seeing its shadow behind the glass. I assumed the bird was one of the pigeons that congregated on the corners. Although my assumption was probably correct—given what I knew about the neighborhood—as I thought more about it, I realized that I really couldn't tell a city pigeon from a dove by the silhouette, at least, not with my untrained eye.

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