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Through a Glass, Darkly
Infidelity and Redemption, Our Restored Marriage

Living with HIV

Rick and Barb Wise gave a powerful testimony. Barb was sexually active with 6 different guys in college. In her late 20’s she returned to her relationship with God. She also wanted to find a Christian man. She did. On a lark she decided to get tested for STD’s. She heard the words, “You are HIV positive.”
She knew Rick would dump her and her life would be over. Rick stayed and chose her to be his beloved as long as they both shall live.
The meds for HIV have many side effects which are difficult to live with. Barb considers them a blessing when she remembers all of those folks who die without the opportunity to take them. She is a woman full of life and great courage. Rick is a dedicated man of integrity.
They shared their story over 150 times this past year focusing on helping teens avoid the consequences of HIV by remaining sexually abstinent until marriage. You can contact them at 303.979.3260 or