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Infidelity and Redemption, Our Restored Marriage

ben_and_ann_after_telling_our_story_of_gWearing my third shirt, I bombed the first one with peanut butter and the second one with coffee, Ann and I shared our story on infidelity and redemption at Restoring the Glory. It is always an honor and a privilege to share what we went through and what we learned. It also does keep us in touch with the pain of what we did even if we can dance there some today.
We had a prayer intercessor in our workshop to pray for us as we spoke. She related that she felt incredible amounts of pain in the room as we shared. Betrayal is heartwrenching.
We have added a little more humor given the heaviness there when we speak and share our story. Folks have no problem connecting with the pain and just need a small break here and there.
We outlined our story in four sections. For the entire text see Our Story in the categories section of the blog. Otherwise keep reading for a brief synopsis.

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