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2004 post

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Wilson's. Check out the photo album and keep reading for our Christmas letter.
Blessings to all of you.

The year, as usual, has flown by! It seems just yesterday that Mom and I were ushering in the New Year with Neil Diamond! It has been a very full and blessed year. I have been fortunate enough to get to travel more than usual this year-Florida with Ben for a Soul Care Conference, San Fran with Stephanie for her 18th birthday, and Rapid City, SD with Katy and Allison in the fall. They had the delight of helping Ben surprise me with a 40th birthday party…and they loved every minute of the fun of fooling me! I am still a Counselor at Crossroads Church of Denver, being fortunate enough to touch lives and hearts and have my own stirred as well. Some days I am overwhelmed with God’s goodness, others I am weighed down with the sorrow of the world we live in. The holiday season reminds me that regardless of the heartache, God loves us with an infinite love…may you feel that love during the upcoming year. In His Love, Ann

This year has been good and bad. I have had lots of fun watching my kids. Stephi won a state championship with the Bear Creek Percussion Ensemble. Payne and I traveled to Aspen and played in the Colorado Father/Son for the 3rd year. Next year it is being held near Winter Park. I also enjoyed watching him play football. Ann and I work, commute and exercise together. She is a wonderful woman, friend, and wife. I appreciate counseling at church like Ann. Some moments are difficult and some are glorious. The toughest time this year was when my grandmother died. We all called her Granny, but one time she confided that she had always hoped to be Grandmother Wilson. We were able to talk about God and what He was doing in our hearts. She prayed for me for over 40 years. I’ll miss those conversations and I’ll miss Grandmother Wilson. Ben

My year has been pretty good. I played football again and started playing rugby. I definitely enjoy rugby more. I lettered in football this year and we only missed the playoffs by a few points. I am with the same girlfriend that I have had since last year. Her name is Sarah, just in case anyone forgot. I got my license to drive and that didn’t go so well. I have had 3 wrecks and a ticket already and have only been driving for about six months. Oh well. I still have my license and I drive all the time. I got to go to the Chiefs-Broncos game this year and it was disappointing. I ended this semester of school with a 3.16 GPA. Love, Payne

Hey everybody, it’s Stephanie here. It’s been a great (but busy!) year for me. The biggest thing was that I graduated in May! I am now attending University of Colorado at Denver and working as a cashier at Target. This summer I also worked as a marching band instructor for Bear Creek High School, my alma mater. I guess I really am a band geek if they can’t keep me out even after I’ve graduated. Also in band news, our percussion ensemble took first place in our class at the state competition in April! We all got gold medals for our efforts. I’ve been dating Luke since April, and everything is going very well between us. His parents were missionaries to Papau New Guinea, and I’m hoping to visit there with him this coming summer. Well, I guess that’s about it for me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love, Stephi