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Ann Wilson at Crossroads Church of Denver Women's Retreat
Restoring the Glory: Truth in Advertising

Greetings from Restoring the Glory

Good morning. Restoring the Glory began last night and it touched me to the depths of my soul. It is rare to find humility and compassion instead of condemnation and shame with regards to our sexual brokenness. Janelle Hallman set the mood by reminding us that Jesus never shames. Keeping our life hidden allows shame to run amok. Bringing the truth of our story into the light brings healing. Many feel that what they have done sexually bars them from God's love. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I'll share a few impactful statements from Janelle's words last night.
"When a child is secretly sexually abused, they face the shock, wreckage and chaos ALONE. This is almost more tragic than the abuse. This results in no trust for the child, therefore no real relationship as a child or as an adult."

This next quote is the theme for the conference. It applies to adultery, sexual addiction, homosexuality. It applies to all categories of sexually acting out;

"Behind all inappropriate relationship or unhealthy sexual behaviors is a hunger for connection and intimacy as well as a search for value and purpose in life."

"Sexual brokenness is not about 'perversion'. It is a confused symbolic expression of male or female needs and longings for relationship."

There is hope, God is on the move and cares deeply about your sexuality and your identity as a man or woman.