Buy Not Marked & Get Free Healing Resources | Mary DeMuth

Buy Not Marked & Get Free Healing Resources | Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth writes in a hopeful, yet painfully honest manner about her childhood sexual abuse. She shares her struggles, her healing and the impact this has had and continues to have on her journey in marriage and overall life. Pick up $80 in free resources by buying this week.

An Affirming Article for Men Who Were Sexually Abused as Boys and the Women Who Love Them

Affirming words for men who have been sexually abused are tough to find. I've seen them most often in books about men who struggle with sexual addiciton. Ronald Reagan's son wrote a book where he spoke of his childhood sexual abuse (which was a meaningful view into his inner world) but it was mixed in with political and societal commentary. 

This article honors both a man who experienced childhood abuse and his wife, who penned the article. Thanks to Shonna Milliken Humphrey and her husband, Trav for their courage in speakout out. 

On Marrying a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse


Adventures in Marriage

Attending a marriage retreat does not equal saying your marriage sucks.  So don't be shy come and spend some time with us Jan 28th and 29th at Embassy Suites on The Plaza in KC for Adventures in Marriage.   $179 per couple early bird rate until Dec. 12th includes your room, made to order breakfast and delicious snacks during the conference.  

Our presenters range in age from mid 20's to early 50's.  They've been married from 5 to 25 years and all have had great times in their marriages and experienced unique challenges so every couple attending will find a meaningful point of connection with at least one couple and perhaps all six.  

Professional video by USC film grad Victor Matkovich of Outsider Entertainment in Columbus Ohio will make this a special weekend for every couple presenting and attending.  

Hope to see you there.  And by the way if you would rate your marriage in the 'it sucks' category it's still ok to attend.  Sign up here.  



The Town Harlot

The Town Harlot dared

She dared to enter his presence

At his feet where she had been with many men

She dared to believe her tears had meaning and value 

as they rained down on his dusty toes

She dared to loose her hair.  No doubt provocatively swinging it softly to her shoulders

arousing the cobalt hearted crowd 

Her falls mixed with his dirt taken upon her locks, upon her crown

alchemized into an anti-snake elixir

Cleansing her she kissed his feet

She dared to offer her sweet aroma

Sweeter than a lilac bush in bloom

And then 

She dared 

She dared to receive

Not his member

She dared to received his Message

as he gazed into the secrets beyond her eyes

You cleansed me

You welcomed me

You freshened and soothed me

I forgive your sins

You are healed

Peace be upon you

~Ben Wilson

Tiffani Wampler and Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Last week I posted about Mackenzie Phillips sharing her story of incest on GMA.  Also, on that show was Tiffani Wampler who recounted her story of abuse and who now helps women through (RAINN) Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

This morning I had the most pleasant surprise of receiving an email from Tiffani.  

       'Hi there.  Thanks so much for including the Mackenzie Phillips story and the GMA interview on your website.  I can only hope that as more survivors come forth that somewhere with someone we are making a difference.  It isn't easy, but I know it's possible.'  

       'Here is a link to my blog site.  It's a great place for victims, survivors and supporters to turn to.'

Thanks again,

Tiffani Wampler

Thank you, Tiffani.  I appreciate your courage and your heart in helping others.  You are making a difference. 

Here is a link to Tiffani's story.  

The Colander Won't Leak

My friend, Brian Roush, pointed the way to a series of courageous posts by Sarah Markley.  

Her third post on My New Name caught my eye.  Here is how she starts it, 

    I'm holding a colander under cool running water in the sink.  

    The water is running through and down and around, but I can't figure out why.  

    Someone who is involved in sexual sin thinks that the colander won't leak.  Even though I knew in my brain I was holding a bowl designed to leak I saw it as intact.  I thought I could hold all the water in, but instead it just ran out all over the place.  And I'd made a horrible devastating mess.  

Read it all at inlcuding part 1 and part 2 .