Marriages Restored Intensives


The cabin above was built in 1924. With modifications and improvements (like heat) it is a wonderful place to spend time at any temperature. With that in mind we now rent this beautiful facility for most of our marriage intensives. 

We begin Wednesday evening at seven, spending over 25 hours with a courageous couple through Sunday at noon. Mixed in are teaching, tension, laughter, counseling, prayer, hope, anger, love, grace, food, dark coffee and soothing meditation by a mountain stream. 

While every intensive is unique, we generally cover:

Betrayal and Anger

Guilt and Shame


Rebuilding Trust


Emotional Intimacy

Spiritual Intimacy

Recreational Intimacy

Non-Sexual Intimacy

Sexual Intimacy

Grace and Forgiveness


An intensive allows any issue to be discussed in depth. While hourly counseling is helpful, couples in crisis need the hours of an intensive to navigate through hurt and tension to a place of connection and hope. 

In a difficult place in your marriage? Don't want to divorce but not sure if you can stay together? We were there. Today we are thrilled to celebrate a terrific marriage of almost 30 years. We look forward to the next 30. Perhaps God has the same idea for you. With honesty, humility and grace I am almost certain he does. 


Intensive June 21-24

An intensive can provide hope and a road map for a couple floundering in confusion post-affair. This event is designed for up to six couples. It is being held in the Warrensburg/Kansas City area. There will be teaching, much time for you to interact with just your spouse and time to interact with the group. Cost per couple is $2000. This includes conference materials, hotel and breakfast each day. Email me at ben (dot) wilson (at) marriagesrestored (dot) com for more info.

Marriages Restored Conference at FBC Warrensburg, MO this Friday

Only five more days until our next conference. Whether you are attending or not we value your prayers for us and the other couples speaking and for the couples attending. 

There is still time to register. Register here. 

Let me share with you some words from the wife of a couple who attended our last Marriages Restored Conference in Warrensburg. 

We attended the conference and didn’t know what to expect. Our marriage had been through so much, and I can remember entering in the church doors that weekend with a feeling of hopelessness. I wondered if I could ever feel “in love” again. I knew if I was ever going to feel that way again I had to move past the pain and resentment I felt with my spouse.

The first reassuring thing for us to see was the other couples that seemed to be in a similar situation or low valley as we were. We listened to the speaking couples telling their stories of betrayal, lies, pain and forgiveness; I knew then we could start our journey toward forgiveness and acceptance too.  It was at that time we both committed to working on repairing our marriage and forgiving each other.

I was so thankful that our journey was not expected to come to an end at the conclusion of the conference. We were fortunate enough to continue our efforts in a Sunday school class with some of the other couples we met at the conference. This Sunday school class proved to be more than the average class. We grew together as a group and encouraged each other as we shared about our painful times as well as times of happiness. It was amazing to see how similar we all were, even though we all had different stories. We will forever be connected to the facilitators and other couples in the group as they helped us get through the hard times so we could get to the happy times. 

It is a great privilege to be friends with many couples who have been helped by attending the conference, the follow up group on Sunday if logistically possible or a 3 or 4 day intensive. If your marriage is in a tough place I hope you'll join us this weekend. 


Marriages Restored Conference

Marriages Restored Marriage Conference, January 27-28

This conference at FBC in Warrensburg, MO is for couples experiencing more struggle than closeness in their marriage and for those couples who feel ‘stuck’ and aren’t sure how to change.

Friday, hear the story of three couples who have struggled with significant issues (infidelity, anger, pornography) and have transformed their marriages into rich relationships. 

Saturday, most of the time will be spent interacting with your spouse.  We provide a safe format and guide you through many important conversations.  Hope and restoration can and does happen at Marriages Restored. 

Register here or contact Ben Wilson for more info,  Childcare and lunch provided with advance registration.

Marriages Restored Conference at FBC Warrensburg, MO

Our next conference will be held Friday and Saturday, January 27th and 28th, 2012 in Warrensburg, MO.

Since our church is sponsoring it your part will only be $50 per couple. This event is targeted at couples who are experiencing more struggle than closeness. Not sure if that is you? The worst that can happen is you'll hear some stories from a few wonderful couples and have plenty of conversation with your spouse. 

Sign Up Here

Leave me a comment here if you have questions.  

Mount Pleasant in Indianapolis

Looking forward to being in Indianapolis with Ann this weekend and sharing how we encountered some Amazing Grace during the darkest times in our lives.  

We'll be at Mount Pleasant Christian Church this Friday and Saturday.  If your marriage is struggling there is still room for you to join us.