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Recommendation for Betrayed and Betrayer, "It's Good For Anyone To Read"

While Betrayed and Betrayer is primarily written for couples, it can also aid anyone in spiritual and relational growth. These words were penned (typed) by a reader, yesterday. 

I know I haven't said much about any of the books I've read lately OR about books I'd recommend to anyone, but here's my pick at the moment. If your relationship or marriage is on a rocky road or if you're on the fence about getting into another relationship, this is a good, compassionate, frank, and down-to-earth read that you owe yourself.

While it's addressed especially to couples and written by a couple who's "been there" (a couple I'm humbled and proud to call friends and part of my extended "ohana"), it's really good for anyone to read as it addresses forgiveness, restoring relationships, and reconciliation.

So if you need some input on forgiveness, restoring a relationship or reconciliation give it a look. It's available on Amazon and other outlets