How Emotional Affairs Begin
Grace in The Shack by Sharon Hersch

Survive Infidelity, Build a Better Marriage


  • If you are reading this, either you or someone you love has a life in turmoil due to an affair. Our book can help guide you through the chaos.
  • On our wedding day, we never imagined infidelity would infiltrate our marriage, but it did. We realized that we are all capable of it.
  • It was, quite simply, the most painful experience of our lives. For months, every morning we woke up to a pain filled nightmare. We wondered if that pain would ever end.
  • But it did end. It took courage, risk, perseverance we didn't know we had, unblinking honesty, and hope. We didn't go back to the old marriage. We developed a new, better one and we continue to keep growing.
  • We are Christian and share our faith openly. We wrestled mightily with God during our recovery. Are You good? Can You heal this pain? Do You want us anymore? We found the answer to these questions is yes, yes, yes. Our wrestling led to a deeper faith, not one that settled for pat answers.
  • This book is honest and gritty. We use language not usually associated with church on Sunday. We are as vulnerable as we can be with our emotions as we journey through the mess.
  • This book is a series of 90 reflections. It is a mix of memoir, insight, instruction, compassion and grace.
  • We've been told the format works to just pick up the book for 5-10 minutes and read a piece. If you're not really a reader, this format can be beneficial.
 To help you navigate your way, we address the following topics:
  1. betrayal
  2. grief
  3. shame
  4. rebuilding trust
  5. gender
  6. family of origin impact
  7. intimacy--spiritual, emotional, sexual, non-sexual touch, recreational
  8. grace 
  9. forgiveness
  10. practical keys
  • We went through it. Our suffering and healing made us stronger. 
  • For twenty years we've been helping other couples make it through. It may not feel like it now, but a new, vibrant, fun marriage filled with gratitude is out in front of you. We will guide you there.