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Marriages Restored Conference Jan 25th and 26th

Marriages Restored Marriage Conference, January 25-26

This conference is for couples experiencing more struggle than closeness in their marriage and for those couples who feel ‘stuck’ and aren’t sure how to change.

Friday, hear the story of three couples who have struggled with significant issues (infidelity, anger, grown apart) and have transformed their marriage into a rich relationship. 

Saturday, most of the time will be spent interacting with your spouse.  We provide a safe format and guide you through many important conversations.  Hope and restoration can and does happen at Marriages Restored. 

Register online or contact Ben Wilson for more info,  Childcare provided for a fee.

Warrensburg, Missouri, First Baptist Church

Happy Birthday to Ellen Test Trackback

Happy Birthday in 2007 Ellen.  I haven't done a pingback/trackback in a while.  We'll see if this works. 
I copied your permalink to your post into the 'send a trackback to these addresses' box on typepad.  I'm not sure how wordpress and typepad are different.  I assume they are similar since they come from the same company. 

Blue Christmas

I'm taking part in a Blue Christmas service tomorrow.  I'll be speaking with Keith and Karen Cowling for part of the service.  Karen's little brother, Don died two years ago, December 18.  They live in Arvada and the shootings at YWAM weren't too far up the mountain from them.  I'd appreciate your prayers for them and all who will be attending.  Charliebrown Linuscharlie