Grieving the Loss of your Affair Partner
No Call to Be a Doormat

Blogging Less

This year I will be blogging less.  Last year I posted five times a week and really enjoyed it.  I also love meeting and getting to know others through your blogs. 

This year I am focusing more on writing to complete our book.  We are excited about that!  I wrote an intro on Friday so actually putting it together has begun.  I would appreciate your prayers for Ann and I regarding all manners around this. 

I still intend to post a couple of times a week.  Growing up in my house a couple meant 2, a few meant 3, and several was 3-9.  As an alcoholic a couple meant anywhere from 2-24.  :)  In this instance a couple means 2-3.  Usually life happens or I read something interesting to pass on concerning spirituality or I read something with regards to infidelity and redemption. 

It is a pleasure to be going through life with you.