RIP Tom Loyd...And It's Deep Too

In Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams shares memories about the quirks of his deceased wife. He tells a baby-faced, Matt Damon how she used to fart in her sleep. See Below. 


Columbia, MO golf stalwart, Tom Loyd died this week. For a few years in my teens and early twenties, I spent plenty of time with Tom. We played golf together at Gustin Golf Course and the Country Club of Missouri. Worked together at CCMO and he was the assistant golf coach at Mizzou when I played there. I remember a quirk that brings a smile to my face.

Tom told me a story one time. Perhaps, you remember it. The gist of the old joke contained two guys on a bridge talking about their equipment. One guy had to take a leak and after a moment said, "That water sure is cold." The second guy follows suit and says, "Yeah, and it's deep too."

College golf is often played in less than ideal conditions. On a chilly day usually someone, maybe me, would say, "Man, it sure is cold out here." Tom would invariably lean over and say in a singsong voice, "And it's deep too." We'd always smile and chuckle. And that's what I remember about Tom. The small moments filled with warmth and smiles. 

It was good to know you, Tom Loyd.